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Mainstream Media Discovers Tulsi Gabbard, The Only Decent Democrat In Politics

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Tulsi Gabbard: Young, Unique, Reagan Democrat” was written as far back as December 24, 2015.

But I had first discovered this impressive Democrat on 2015/05/28. “Tulsi Gabbard Is Not A Total Ass,” I wrote soberly about an interview the Hawaiian Congresswoman gave to CNN. I was still in disbelief that a decent Democrat existed.

In the book, “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed,” I went on to hope that a President Donald Trump give Democrat Tulsi Gabbard an appointment in his future administration. (He did the opposite, appointing a neoconservative, that global village idiot, Nikki Haley, who hated him.)

“Luring the only decent Democrat currently in public life to a Trump administration may prove strategic, in scooping up Bernie Sanders’ voters. Being a Democrat generally comes with the presumption of asininity, which is why Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii is unusual. She’s an Iraq War veteran, who serves on the Armed Services and Foreign Affairs Committees. She’s poised, articulate, beautiful—and she never whinges like Michelle Fields. Tulsi stands firm against gratuitous wars, opposes the deposing of Bashar al-Assad, and despises Debbie Wasserman Schultz, despicable DNC Chair and handmaiden to Hillary.”

Finally, years on, mainstream media has caught on to Tulsi’s star power. In the November 6, 2017 Issue, The New Yorker has a profile of this “charismatic, unorthodox Democrat,” whose “opposition to U.S. intervention abroad” is quite libertarian:

…less than two weeks after the election, Gabbard agreed to meet with Trump to make her case for a noninterventionist foreign policy. A few months later, she flew to Syria and met with Bashar al-Assad, who is presiding over a brutal civil war; she and he seemed to agree that the United States should not intervene to stop it …

“What Does Tulsi Gabbard Believe?”

If Tulsi Gabbard topples the old Democrat guard, which she had fought during the 2016 election, Republicans are in trouble.

Tucker Carlson Delivers Fighting Words To America’s Treason Class

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“The truth is,” said Tucker Carlson,” following the murder of eight, in Manhattan, by a Muslim recruited to come to this country by a “ruling class [that] prefers immigrants to Americans”:

This country’s leaders have decided that diversity, in and of itself, is of greater importance than the well-being of this country’s people. That’s literally true,” Carlson said.

He said the idea of a “diversity lottery” is absurd in the first place.

“America isn’t a game show or a mail-in sweepstakes, it’s a country. And our government is supposed to represent the interests of the people in this country, its citizens,” he said. “Instead, our leaders are treating America as a prize that can be won by anyone on the planet simply for existing.”

He said Congress could – and should – end the program tomorrow, but they won’t.

“Why? You know why. The truth is, our ruling class prefers immigrants to Americans,” Carlson said.

“Diversity is their religion. And in their own way, they’re religious extremists. When the safety and well-being of Americans conflicts with their faith, they will choose their faith every time.”


Ann Coulter Is Keeping Trump On His Toes

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Commentator Jack Kerwick has no mercy for Ms. Ann Coulter (although he’s very nice about Mercer), in his American Greatness article. Myself, I find it enormously useful that Ann is doing the work this immigrant does not want to do.

I kept up 8 years of attacks on Genghis Bush. I’m tired. Ms. Coulter has the broad professional shoulders to tackle Trump. Let Ann keep Trump on his toes (although I doubt it’s possible; the man is a dud). Ann used to be a GOPer, now she’s The People’s warrior. A patriot disappointed will rage.

Read “Who’s the Con: Trump or . . . Ann Coulter?”

The Republican Party Is A Farce

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As for the Republican Party: It’s a failure, a farce; it has been for … a very long time. Has the GOP (Grand Old Party) ever reversed a single New Deal or Great-Society welfare program? (I’m all ears.) Has it even slowed the growth and reach of Leviathan? Au contraire.

Despite being currently in control of 3 branches of government, members have failed to repeal the onerous parts of Zero Care. “It’s time to move on,” noodled Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who does not have a deductible of thousands of dollars before HIS own healthcare coverage kicks in.