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WATCH: Charlottesville: Being White, RIGHT & Rightless – No Speech, No Assembly; No Safety

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This week, David Vance and I talk to Anne Wilson Smith, author of “Charlottesville Untold: Inside Unite the Right.” This is BIG, folks—a Big Soviet Lie à la America.

Not that you’d know this from the malfunctioning media, but the 2017 rally in Virginia to protest the removal of the statue of Robert E. Lee was sabotaged from up-high. The tinpot authorities (city, state, and police at both levels) sabotaged the constitutional rights of those with a permit (Unite the Right) to assemble and speak unharmed, while letting the feral, predatory forces of Antifa and BLM—the military arm of the Democrat Party—go a wilding. Commissioned by the city, a report by a distinguished, Virginia law firm confirms the “failures.”

David and I also delve controversially—naturally—into the assault on speech by Jewish organizations (e.g., Anti-Defamation League) and activists, who seem intent on stymieing styles of speech, such as the use of hyperbole, and the deployment of the reductio ad absurdum argument to drive home a point.

WATCH: “Charlottesville: Being White, RIGHT & Rightless – No Speech, No Assembly; No Safety”:

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PARLER, Hashtag #Bible, Is A Zombie Social-Media Network

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Social media is supposed to be free, effortless and friendly. I’m just not getting that feeling from Parler, whose hashtags are dead to the news.—ilana

On Twitter I endure shadow-banning, throttling and the periodic wiping out of Followers in their hundreds. BUT at least Twitter is ALIVE. It is a clever interface, too. If not for the China-style censorship; Twitter would be perfect.

Parler—the conservative site we defended and had high hopes for (see “Deep Tech: Locked Down And Locked Out, First By The State, Then By Silicon Valley“)—is proving to be a zombie social-media site. I mean, just look how dead-to-the news the Parler hashtags are!

It is Republican Party cheerleaders, neoconservatives at their most stagnant, stuck in a time-warp; followers of Trump, but without an affinity or penchant for his radical spirit and message. Very Fox News.

Dissident thinkers—at least this one—will find it hard to get ahead or make friends. Not so Gab, which is not as good as Twitter, as an interface, but is so much better than Parler for dissidents (at least, myself).

A Parler email just arrived informing me that “Parler remains the world’s premier free speech platform.” To follow are instructions to do some wank activity like log-in somewhere to feel the Parler fabulousness.

You see, Parler, social media is supposed to be free, effortless and friendly. I’m just not getting that feeling from Parler.

I’ll be posting this up there on Parler, and will make myself scarce on that frosty, dour place.

WATCH: Dorsey Out, Even More Woke In; And The OMG! Variant Whacks The West

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WATCH & SUBSCRIBE: “Dorsey Out, Even More Woke In; And The OMG! Variant Whacks The West”:

David has been banned by Jack Dorsey’s Twitter; ilana is shadow-banned and throttled. But for the Wokerati, Dorsey is just not woke enough. Enter Parag Agrawal. Twitter’s new CEO is even less wedded to the First Amendment of the US Constitution than Dorsey. Agrawal, whose ideas about American liberty come from Stanford, Microsoft and Mumbai, thinks his role is to make public discourse healthier. Oh, for the days when businessmen stuck to their mandate: doing business.

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The Democrats’ Worldview Distilled

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As I noted on August 8, 2019, during the Democratic debates, the worldview of the Democrats curdled into ruthlessly radical formulations, which they did not hide:

“End Anglo-America. Welcome The World. Evict the unborn and the native born. English is your second language.”

“Race—more accurately, anti-white politics—is [to be ] the Democrats’ central cri de coeur. They have no other passion other than hounding and excommunicating others for what are thought crimes—for thinking, speaking or tweeting in politically unpleasing ways.”

Drain and dry the Rio Grande! Level the land to ease the passage of Central America into North America. Let them come in their millions, no, in their billions. Decriminalize crossings. Disband ICE. Deify DACA. Deny no asylum claim. Table a marshal plan for Central America. Immigrants are America. In fact, immigrants are Americans, only better and more inspiring. All Democrats want more refugees.

Democrat women—many of them having since assumed their place as overlords in the Covid Cartel—alternate between the roles of shrew, scold and bully (of whites, in particular).

They all adhere to a “pathological, self-immolating progressivism … and an unspoken pack hierarchy is apparent among them, that pecking order being racial. The culturally more exotic are the undeclared top dogs. The commonplace, palefaced are the political underdogs, with little street cred.

In “Dem’s Dystopia: End Anglo-America, Welcome the World, Evict the Unborn.”