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UPDATED: Ranchers Hammnod And Bundy: The Best Of America

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Friday, at 8:10 AM Pacific Time, I will be chatting to Bill Meyer, Program Director for News Talk FM106.7/AM-1440 KMED, in Medford, Oregon, about the WND column, “Ranchers Hammnod & Bundy: The Best Of America.” An excerpt:

America, as one wag put it, is a “post-constitutional” country. Even worse, a plurality of Americans has now turned, en masse, against the First Principles of its founding. The organizing principle that currently informs American thinking is statism. It’s the state über alles: its laws, and the foot soldiers that enforce hundreds of thousands of arbitrary rules.

This sorry state-of-affairs is abundantly clear from the standoff between farmers and Fédérales, brewing in Burns, Oregon.

To look at rancher Dwight Hammond, 73, and his son, Steven, 46, is to see the salt of the earth; the best of America. Any decent American ought to be able to see that these family ranchers, so different from politically connected agribusiness, are better and braver than all of us city slickers put together.

We slickers consume the rancher’s grass-fed, organic, “local” beef, while we cheer his oppression. Fellini, the Italian film maker who excelled at portraying corruption of the soul, as expressed in the decay of the flesh, could not have set the scene better. The idiom of Greek Tragedy works, too:

Our protagonists are the two ranchers aforementioned—sentenced to five years in jail, due to a double-jeopardy like maneuver by the federal government.

The Antagonists are the federal government, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Fish and Wildlife Service, The Courts, who’ve come down upon citizens with limited resources, citizens whom this Federal juggernaut is supposed to serve, not screw.

Other Antagonists in this morality play are the chorus of trash-talking radio, TV mouths and assorted bobbing heads (Republicans and Democrats), who say they care for The Folks but don’t know good folks when they see them.

Cliven Bundy’s son, Ammon, has come to stand in solidarity with Dwight and Steven Hammond. The case of the Bundys of Bunkerville, Nevada, is instructive in understating the First Principles involved in the Oregon standoff.

In 2014, the BLM had come to steal Cliven Bundy’s cattle, in lieu of back taxes the BLM claims the rancher has owed it since 1993, when Bundy stopped paying grazing fees. The Bundys had homesteaded the disputed land, southwest of Mesquite, in 1877. Bundy’s forefathers had lived off the land well before the Bureau of Land Grabs came into being. The Feds subsequently passed laws usurping Bundy’s natural right to graze his cattle. The elderly rancher offered the following rejoinder: “I have raised cattle on that land, which is public land for the people of Clark County, all my life. … I can raise cattle there because I have preemptive rights,’ among them the right to forage.”

Also edifying, via The Conservative Tree House, is that “the Hammonds were forced to grant the BLM first right of refusal.” In other words, were “the Hammonds ever to sell their ranch, they would have to sell it to the BLM.” The BLM may get its way, for how are the Hammond women to pay the shakedown fines levied by the Fédérales? These amount to hundreds and thousands of dollars. How will the wives continue the Sisyphean struggle against the federal occupier, and, simultaneously, run the ranches sans the men?

Here we arrive at the “Catastrophe,” also an element in Greek tragedy. …

… Tune into to patriot Bill Meyer’s show. And, of course, read the rest on WND. The complete column is “Ranchers Hammnod & Bundy: The Best Of America.”

UPDATE: “Ranchers Hammond & Bundy: The Best Of America” was discussed on The Bill Meyer Show, January 8, 2016 (LISTEN).

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UPDATE III: Heroic Homesteader Ammon Bundy Stands With Rancher Hammond, Against Feds

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The Fox News Channel, dishing out statism for Republicans, has finally caught up with last year’s news, forever a defining issue for freedom lovers: The standoff between Feds and farmers brewing in Burns, Oregon, and reported in this space on 12.30.15.

In a seminal column, “Why The Land Belongs To Bundy,” you met Ammon Bundy, fighting for his homesteader rights, against the Federales of Nevada, in 2014. Now Rancher Bundy, son of Cliven Bundy, has come to stand in support of Dwight Hammond, rancher under siege in Oregon.

Via State Broadcaster FNC:

Armed protesters occupying a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon—including three sons of a Nevada rancher who battled with the government in 2014—warned Sunday that any use of force by law enforcement agencies would be “putting lives at risk.”

Hours into the occupation by activists and militiamen a spokesman for the group told reporters that there has been no contact with the FBI or other government law enforcement since the occupation began Saturday night.

“They should be constitutional,” said spokesman Ammon Bundy, referring to the government. He is a son of Cliven Bundy, a Nevada rancher who clashed with the feds two years ago.

Ammon Bundy said if the government did use force to retake the Malheur National Wildlife refuge “they would be putting lives at risk.”

Earlier, the protesters vowed to occupy the refuge for “as long as it takes,” as state and federal officials on Sunday sought to defuse the situation.

The protestors have said they stormed the federal land in a remote area near Burns, some 280 miles east of Portland, to protest the prosecution of a father and son facing jail time on an arson charge for burning 130 acres of land. Prosecutors said the fire was set to hide poaching, but the ranchers, who face five years in prison, and the protesters supporting them say it was set to stop invasive plants. …
… The 73-year-old rancher and his 46-year-old son claim they lit the fires in 2001 and 2006 to reduce the growth of invasive plants and protect their property from wildfires. The two were convicted of the arsons three years ago and served time — the father three months, the son one year. But a judge ruled their terms were too short under federal law and ordered them back to prison for about four years each.

The decision has generated controversy in a remote part of the state.

MUST READ: “Why The Land Belongs To Bundy.”

UPDATED I (1/3/016): In a massive land grab under the Antiquities Act, Barack Obama will be putting hundreds of Oregonian ranchers out of business. Hear it in their own words.

UPDATE II (1/4): Once these farmers, whose homesteader rights are as authentic and naturally valid as those of the Native Americans whose rights (robbed) the Left champions (as do I)—how will the bloody liberals eat their organic grass-fed local meat? I buy it. I support local farmers’ grass-fed grazing. It’s an American frontier, founding profession, noble.

“Left Demands Media Start Calling Bundy Group ‘Terrorists.”

“Statement by Oregon Farm Bureau President Barry Bushue on sentencing of Steve and Dwight Hammond to five years in federal prison.”

UPDATE III: Everything you wanted to know about Ted Cruz and were too bored to ask:

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Standoff Between Feds & Farmers Brewing In Burns, Oregon

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You cannot call yourself libertarian if you want the central government to police people for propriety of thought. That’s the work of the federal-government enmeshed Southern Poverty Law Center, which runs a money racket second only to the race rackets run by Jessie Jackson and Reverend Sharpton. Cultural Marxists that they are, the SPLC has declared the militia led by Marine Jon Ritzheimer a hate group and this group’s defense of farmers and their constitutional right to be free of federal incursion and oppression hateful. The story via Twitter:

RELATED: “Why The Land Belongs To Bundy.”

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UPDATED: Decoding Ongoing Race Riots At Louisville, Kentucky Mall & Beyond

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What do you do to decode an obscure news headline on Drudge that screams, “Mall Mayhem: Over 1,000 Teens Shut Down Kentucky Mall”? You turn to racial-violence myth buster Colin Flaherty, WND colleague and author of “White Girl Bleeds A Lot: The Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It.”

From The Book of Colin one can distill the dynamics of unidirectional black-on-white crime in the US:

* Obscurantist language is used by coward correspondents to leave off the racial identity and motives of the culprits. The terms in the stories du jour are “juveniles,” “unruly youths,” or “unaccompanied young people.”
* Authorities will propagandize about the specter of blacks looting, beating, raping and even killing of whites (and Asian) as they yell out racial slurs. It has nothing to do with race, the authorities tell us.
* Misled by figures of authority—from the police to politicians and their lapdog media—victims and families are first to internalize the injunction to move on; there is nothing racial here to see. It could have happened to anyone, it could have been perpetrated by anyone.
* White victims who survive are at times the greatest cowards. I hate to psychologize, but it seems as though victims and their families often derive near erotic pleasure in denying the source of their attack and the putative reason for it: a hatred, Mr. whitey, for your white daughter’s flawless white flesh and the desire to deface and destroy it. Read “Sacrificing Kids To PC Pietism” for an example of the biggest sell-out of all: parental betrayal.
UPDATE (12/29): No arrests needed, of course.

Colin Flaherty is always extra busy over the Christmas season. This year he was keeping abreast of “15 episodes of black rioting and violence in three days in malls around the country,” mostly submerged by media.

I asked Colin about the culpability of cops in each outbreak of- and cover up of racial violence. In particular, I wanted to know why Flaherty thanks cops in his excellent WGBAL, when, as I read it, they, with few exceptions, partake in the cover up. Yes, where in Flaherty’s latest video are the crowd-control water cannons? Why aren’t cops protecting public order and private property?

Collin clarifies: “I make the distinction many times that cops on the beat are heroes. Cops in charge, not so much.”

“In addition to the video,” Colin tells me, “I did a story today for American Thinker, where I documented many examples of black mob violence in the day before and after Christmas, and Christmas itself.”

“Last year,” says Flaherty, “I did the same story over a slightly larger time frame and documented 25 examples of black mob violence at the mall. Two people were killed, one in Eastland mall in Detroit. The other at a mall in Charlotte, North Carolina.”

The article at American Thinker is “America’s Newest Christmas Tradition: Black Mob Violence at Malls” By Colin Flaherty.

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