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To Make Cops Love Communities They Police, Communities Ought To Be Lovely.

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“To make us love our country, our country ought to be lovely.”—Edmund Burke, Reflections on the Revolution in France

A variation on Burke’s theme is what I get from the words of former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson: To make cops love the communities they police, the communities they police ought to be lovely. And indeed, Wilson seems to have found aspects of the rough community he policed lovely. But that’s not enough for his inquisitors.

CNN transcripts:

JOHN BERMAN: New this morning, former Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson breaks his silence in a revealing new interview. The 29-year- old who shot and killed unarmed teenager, Michael Brown, tells “The New Yorker” he wanted to get back on the streets of Ferguson but was told he would be a liability. He says he can’t get another police job anywhere despite being cleared of any wrongdoing in Brown’s death.

KATE BOLDUAN: He also tells “The New Yorker” that he ended up working in Ferguson because policing black neighborhoods would be a good way to advance his career. He says this as well, “If you go there and do three to five years, get your experience, you can kind of write your own ticket.” And Wilson says he enjoyed his time on the force. He also is saying this, “I didn’t want to work in a white area. I like the black community. I had fun there. There’s people who will just crack you up.”

CNN’s Boris Sanchez is joining us, and Boris is taking a look at much more of this.

It’s a long and revealing interview.

BORIS SANCHEZ, CNN CORRESPONDENT: Certainly. He says quite a bit in there. One of the things you find out is he says he doesn’t think about Michael Brown. He hasn’t even read the Department of Justice report about the systemic racism in Ferguson. It’s really interesting because he kind of — the piece is meant to humanize him but, in a lot of ways, some of what he says brings up questions about his perspectives and his relations with the African-American community. At one point, he asks a fellow officer who helped train him for help in relating to some of the people in the community because he said he felt culture shock.

We’ll take a look at what he said. He asked Mike McCarthy, “Mike, I don’t know what I’m doing. This is a culture shock. Would you help me because you obviously have that connection, and you can relate to them? You may be white, but they respect you, so why can they respect you and not me?”

[11:15:26] Another thing Wilson says, as you mentioned, Kate, that he enjoyed policing in the African-American community because people there cracked him up. So he tries to paint this picture that he’s not a racist. At the same time, he goes on to say other things that many, including Michael Brown’s family, say kind of show that he has some prejudice. We’ll go to the other full screen now. He’s describing a blind mom in Ferguson apparently whose kids were running amok. He says they were causing trouble in the neighborhood. He said, “They ran all over the mom. They didn’t respect her, so why would they respect me?” He then goes on to say, “They’re so wrapped up in a different culture than — what I’m trying to say is the right culture, the better one to pick from.”

Now, the reporter wanted to find out if this was coded language, if this was somehow referring to race in kind of a subtle way. So the reporter pressed him. He said that Wilson struggled with an answer, going on to say, “Pre-gang culture where you’re just running in the streets, not worried about working in the morning, just worried about your immediate gratification.” And then he goes on to say, “It is the same younger culture that’s everywhere in the inner cities.”

Obviously, these quotes, the article, meant to humanize him, kind of bringing up more questions about his perspectives.


The presstitute are still gunning for Darren Wilson.

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Dragons’ Dragnet Ensnares Innocent Teen Boys

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Feminists pushed for an all-out war on men as a class of oppressors. Be they innocent boys—hundred of thousands of them—or seasoned sex offenders; men have been swept up in this dragon’s dragnet. Now the dragons realize, belatedly, that these kids who have sex with other kids are their sons and grandsons; just hormonal, normal teens whose lives they’d helped wreck with ideologies that rape reality. CNN’s Kyra Phillips investigates how a nerdy teenage boy landed on the sex offender registry:

Zach Anderson is 19 and a typical teenager. He’s into computers and wants to build a career around his love for electronics.

But those plans and any semblance of a normal life are for now out the window. Under court order, he can’t access the Internet, go to a mall or linger near a school or playground. His parents say because he has a 15-year-old brother, he can’t even live at home any longer.

Why? He’s been placed on the sex offender registry after a dating app hookup.

It began, Zach and his family say, when he went on a racy dating app called “Hot Or Not.”

He was at his home in Elkhart, Indiana, when he met the girl, who lived across the state line in nearby southern Michigan.

The girl told Zach she was 17, but she lied. She was only 14, and by having sex with her, Zach was committing a crime. He was arrested and convicted.

He was given a 90-day jail sentence, five years probation and placed on both Indiana and Michigan’s sex offender registry for the next 25 years. …

My guess is that this feminist, one among many rabid reporters at CNN, may have some regrets, now that she has a son of her own. More.

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Does McCain Owe A Mea Culpa To POWS & MIAS?

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“Does McCain Owe Mea Culpa To POWS & MIAS?” is the current column, now on The Unz Review, America’s smartest webzine. An excerpt:

“It’s the beginning of the end for Donald Trump.” “It disqualifies him as a presidential candidate.” “This is the end of his run.” So crowed the political operatives looking to take down Mr. Trump, and by so doing, protect the political status quo and ease themselves into positions of greater power. The egos in the anchor’s chair and the pundits opposite chimed in: “He’ll make the more serious candidates look more serious,” predicted the next Michael Oakeshott and favorite imbecile, S. E. Cupp.

The Donald is in the dock for desecrating one of the political establishment’s most sacred cows: Sen. John McCain. Speaking at a forum in Iowa, the popular presidential hopeful said these sagacious things about the Republican from Arizona:

“[McCain’s] not a war hero. He is a war hero because he was captured. I like people that weren’t captured, okay?” (On the same occasion, Trump ventured that he was not particularly for the Vietnam War, a position that should endear him to principled libertarians.)

Not only does Donald Trump not owe Sen. McCain an apology; McCain likely owes mea culpa to Trump—and to the very many Vietnam veterans and their families whom he is alleged to have betrayed.

Yes, the heroic prisoner-of-war pedigree upon which McCain has established his career and credibility is probably a myth.

For our purposes, the story begins with Sydney Schanberg, back in the days before American journalism became a circle jerk of power brokers.

Mr. Schanberg is one of “America’s most eminent journalists.” “For his accounts of the fall of Cambodia to the Khmer Rouge in 1975,” Schanberg “was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for international reporting ‘at great risk.’ He is also the recipient of many other awards–including two George Polk awards, two Overseas Press Club awards and the Sigma Delta Chi prize for distinguished journalism.” Schanberg’s byline at The Nation magazine further reveals that:

The 1984 movie, The Killing Fields [watch it!], which won several Academy Awards, was based on his book ‘The Death and Life of Dith Pran’–a memoir of his experiences covering the war in Cambodia for the New York Times and of his relationship with his Cambodian colleague, Dith Pran.

Schanberg is also the author of a “remarkable 8,000-word exposé”: “McCain and the POW Cover-Up.” Here follow the opening paragraphs. They provide a précis of the forensic evidence collected by Schanberg against McCain as ally of Vietnam War POWs and men missing inaction …

Read on. “Does McCain Owe A Mea Culpa To POWS & MIAS?” is now on The Unz Review.

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‘Sanctuary Cities Liable Under Common Law Tort Precedent’

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Reginald De Chantillon makes some interesting points about “The Illogic Of The American Immigration-Industrial-Complex,” posted on Britain’s Libertarian Alliance Blog:

Wonderfully written article. I might add that your writings on this matter are sufficient for bringing a cause of action by every victim of illegal alien crime against every city that has provided sanctuary. If San Francisco can be sued for millions because of the unlawful death of a motorist killed by a city lamppost, then surely the family of Kathryn Steinle can recover damages from San Francisco.

Sanctuary cities under common law tort precedent are all liable for damages caused by their policies if unlawful, negligence in executive action, dereliction of duty, or failure in fiduciary duty. San Francisco like all other sanctuary cities have unlawfully provided sanctuary to illegal aliens and thus are complicit in aiding and abetting every single act of criminality done by said illegals.

The total amount of damages caused by Sanctuary Cities is in the trillions of dollars. This includes damages caused by illegal aliens in driving all the way up to criminality. Damages can be properly shown to have derived from increased insurance caused by illegal aliens cost to actual tables. Illegal aliens are not in the shadows. However, if the Sanctuary Cities would like to enable us to collect damages against them by all means continue to grant documentation to Illegal aliens.

In summary, Sanctuary Cities have failed in the fiduciary duty, have been derelict in the duty to protect, have been negligent in faithfully executing the laws, and above all of engaged in unlawful and criminal behavior by protecting illegal aliens. Consequently, there is sufficient damages out there as a result of Sanctuary Cities to cause a bonanza of litigation for the Bar Association and to utterly bankrupt the Big City Progressive Ruling class into destitution. I say full speed ahead in litigating the unlawful death of Kathryn Steinle and others like her.

I’m grateful to be reaching more British readers, thanks to Dr. Sean Gabb, director of The Libertarian Alliance.

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UPDATED: Dennis Hastert, Hoisted On His Own Petard, Or Patriot Act

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To pep-up the subject of Dennis Hastert, consider a flash from the past in the form of “Entertainment Interruptus,” a column published in November of 2001: “The film Spy Games reached a crescendo as retiring CIA officer Robert Redford transfers $282,000 of his life’s savings to an account in the Cayman Islands. The money is supposed to help pay for the rescue of Redford’s bureau protégé Brad Pitt, who has been ‘burned’ by his employers at the CIA for going solo.”

Only Redford would be unable to complete such a transaction now, not with the new anti-terrorism laws, approved in 2001. Brad Pitt, as the column observed, would have been “burned” by the Patriot Act, which prohibited “suspicious financial transaction”: Move around more than 10,000 of your own dollars, and you’ll likely be the object of a federal investigation.

Dennis Hastert, who approved the Patriot Act, is being hoisted on his own petard.

Via The Huffington Post:

On Oct. 24, 2001, then-House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert (R-Ill.) shepherded the Patriot Act through the House of Representatives. It passed 357 to 66, advancing to the Senate and then-President George W. Bush’s desk for signing.

Hastert took credit for House passage in a 2011 interview, claiming it “wasn’t popular, and there was a lot of fight in the Congress” over it.

Little did Hastert know at the time that the law he helped pass would give federal law enforcement the tools to indict him on charges of violating banking-related reporting requirements more than a decade later. …


UPDATE (6/10): “The Thin Gruel of the Hastert Prosecution”: We should all be concerned about Dennis Hastert’s strange indictment By SCOTT HORTON.

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UPDATED: #Snuff Film Shows Cops Letting Sgt. #JamesBrown Die (#IRF)

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EL PASO, TEXAS. The cruelty these cops demonstrate is unfathomable. A man is in the throes of death, in a jail cell, having self-reported for a minor offense. A passive Army Sgt. (James Brown) begs for his life, pleading that a stifling face mask be removed from his face, as he struggles to breathe. The killer SWAT cops ignore Mr. Brown’s pleas, tackling and manhandling a man already struggling to take in air, until he stops thrashing about, as his breathing slows down, until it stops.

My daughter suffered from asthma in childhood. Sever asthma. Her pediatrician taught me something these murderers were oblivious to. When someone tells you they can’t breathe, or are clearly having difficulties breathing—take it extremely seriously.

Charge these cops for depraved indifference. You have a snuff film to prove it.

UPDATE (5/19):

William N. Grigg: “They’re using a Gitmo-style “Initial Reaction Force.” They’re used in dealing with violent detainees and hunger strikers. IRFs are often used in SuperMax prisons here in the Soyuz. This fellow was probably considered a high-risk inmate because of his military background and psychological history.”

IM: “Watching this is heart-wrenching, William N. Grigg. You know Sgt. B. is going to die and you see no reason why. The time stretches; it’s not as if the murder happened fast. There were so many chances to STOP killing the victim. Senseless. Evil.”

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