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Americans No Longer Have The Money, But Brexiter Brits Still Have The Brains

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The new book, “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed,” is available on Amazon. The new column, “Americans No Longer Have ‘the Money,’ But Brexiter Brits Still Have ‘the Brains,’” is excerpted below:

During the Bretton Woods Conference, in 1944, Lord Halifax is said to have “whispered to Lord Keynes: ‘It’s true: they have the money bags but we have all the brains.’” By “they,” Halifax meant the Americans.

His frustration with the American mind—often prosaic and anti-intellectual—during the critical Bretton-Woods negotiations seems as valid today. As odious as Britain’s elites are; boy, are they cleverer than ours. Take the impromptu interview, on June 28, which Richard Quest, CNN’s imported British broadcast journalist, conducted with Nigel Farage, leader of the UK Independence Party.

Farage had emerged exhilarated from the coven that is the European Parliament, where he had shared some home truths with the ponces leeching off Britain.

Other than to mouth formulaically about “small government, big military, balanced budgets and the penny plan”—America’s chattering class and ruling elites seem incapable of expressing the principles undergirding freedom. And members of this political Idiocracy dissolve into a puddle if their cue cards disappear.

Farage, however, spoke to some difficult ideas with ease, and without notes.

The act of secession, the quests for sovereignty, decentralization and regional autonomy from a second tier of tyrants—the first being the national, British government—involve comprehending complicated ideas.

About this, Milton Friedman forewarned in the introduction to F.A. Hayek’s “The Road to Serfdom.” Whereas “the argument for collectivism is simple if false; it is an immediate emotional argument.” “The argument for individualism” and freedom, on the other hand, “is subtle and sophisticated; it is an indirect rational argument.”

Put differently: If you can’t express the principles of liberty, can you properly pursue them? Will you not forgo them?

It’s difficult for dummies to understand liberty, let alone defend it, a problem the scintillating, cerebral Mr. Farage doesn’t have.

“You as a political project are in denial,” he told the grumbling laggards in the EU chamber. The EU had, “by stealth by deception, and without ever telling the truth to the British and European people, imposed political union upon them.”

Not to be trusted, EU advocate Segolene Royal, French environment minister and former socialist candidate for the French presidency, praised this coerced union, calling it a “family.” “The family is supposed to have a say in when a member leaves,” she griped to BBC’s tough talker, Stephen Sackur.

The sort of family Royal describes is known as La Familia, a crime family that knee caps you if you leave.

Heckling Eurocrats were reminded by Farage that when, in 2005, the people of the Netherlands and France said adieu to an enforced political union—the Eurocrats had “ignored them and brought in the Lisbon Treaty through the backdoor.” Indeed, the last refuge of a Brussels scoundrel is the bureaucracy. When voters scuttled the EU Constitution in that referenda; the rogues being upbraided by Farage dissolved one illegitimate political structure and constituted another.

“You’re in denial,” continued Farage, “about Mrs. Merkel’s invitation to any and all to cross the Mediterranean and enter the EU, all of which has led to massive divisions between and within countries.”

What the little people did, what the ordinary people did, what the people who’ve been oppressed have done is to reject the multinationals, reject the merchant banks, reject Big Politics, and demand their country back, their fishing waters back, their borders back. We want to be an independent self-governing nation. [If anything], we offer a beacon of hope. The UK will not be the last member state to leave the EU.

A series of similar watersheds would follow, predicted Farage.

Fleetingly, at least, Farage’s fluency with the ideas of freedom took effect. The blank faces flanking UKIP’s leader looked somewhat animated. Fewer jeered; some even clapped and cheered as Farage went on to submit that no stalling would be tolerated. The will of the British people would be heeded forthwith. Called for was “a grown-up and sensible attitude” toward executing popular—in this case, naturally licit—wishes.

Mr. Farage was not done, …

… Read the complete column, “Americans No Longer Have ‘the Money,’ But Brexiter Brits Still Have ‘the Brains,’” on the Unz Review. The book, “The Trump Revolution: The Donald’s Creative Destruction Deconstructed,” you’ll need to purchase.

UPDATED: Mateen Was Loud & Proud About His Orientation As Aspiring Muslim Terrorist

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“Mateen Was Loud & Proud About His Orientation As Aspiring Muslim Terrorist” is the title of the current column, now on An excerpt:

Democrats are frenetically trying to pass legislation that’ll make it impossible for anyone on the government’s terrorist list to legally purchase a firearm. Their renewed Brownian motion is due to the massacre, last Sunday, of 49 gay club-goers in Orlando, Florida. The Muslim American perpetrator wounded 53 others.

The premise of passing such a law, one would hope, is this: Had mass murderer Omar Saddiqui Mateen been in the “Terrorist Screening Database,” he would not have been authorized to purchase the long gun (AR-15 rifle) and handgun (a Glock) he used in the massacre. Both were bought legally.

Here’s the rub: But for a brief appearance, Mateen was not on the government’s terrorist watch list. He didn’t qualify. But boy, did he try. Mateen gave it his best. Government agents diligently kept him off The List. For Omar Mateen it was near impossible to get on the terrorist watch lists.

He may not have come out as a homosexual, but Mateen was loud and proud about his orientation as an aspiring Islamic terrorist. He did so while safely ensconced in law-enforcement. His career Mateen launched at the Florida Department of Corrections. His duties frequently took him to the St. Lucie County courthouse, in Fort Pierce. Mateen was serving as guardian of people and property when he committed the worst massacre since 9/11.

Since 2007, Mateen had worked at the Florida subsidiary of a multinational British security firm, the largest in the world, and, as we now know, likely one of the worst. Mateen’s (likely Kufar) coworkers described him as “racist, belligerent” and generally “toxic.” G4S responded by transferring the complaining coworkers rather than firing the menacing Mateen.

G4S Secure Solutions has contracts with the Department of Homeland Security. It would appear the company assists DHS in operating the taxpayer-funded, catch-and-release, illegal-alien racket. According to investigative journalist Paul Sperry, many of these offenders are “classified as OTMs—Other Than Mexican—and include … possibly also foreign border-crossers from the Middle East and Pakistan.”

In addition, the company provides security in places like Afghanistan and Iraq. (In its dealings, G4S Secure Solutions conjures the fictitious Richard Roper’s cartel. Roper is the villain in The Night Manager, a John le Carré novel adapted for television. With the help of government agents as his conduits for corruption, Roper traffics in arms, drugs and human misery.)

Try as he might, no amount of offense Mateen gave could get him fired. Not even to boast about his alleged connections to al Qaeda, Hezbollah or his yearning for martyrdom. There were derogatory quips about gays and women, too. At the time, the FBI, like G4S, was unfazed. Al Qaeda and Hezbollah are at odds with each other and with ISIS, noodled FBI Director James Comey, post massacre. That Mateen was clueless about the Shia-Sunni divide signaled to the FBI—to the exclusion of all other possibilities—that he wasn’t to be taken seriously as a threat.

Comey seemed to think that to be considered a threat, a Muslim Millennial—the beneficiary of an American education—must know the ins-and-outs of Islam’s religious sects. It didn’t occur to Comey and his compadres that killing and said ignorance are not mutually exclusive. It did not occur to Comey that Islam unites all of its factions in hatred of the infidel. …

… Read the rest.“Mateen Was Loud & Proud About His Orientation As Aspiring Muslim Terrorist” is the current column, now on


Craig Smith: “Maybe I just haven’t read enough yet. But from what I have read so far, I doubt that anyone else writing as made as many connections, and justified conclusions as you have here.

Ilana Mercer: “Craig Smith, yes, and thanks! that’s why, after 15 years of keeping up this quality, the paleo Mercer column is so widely published on all conservative, paleo and libertarian sites. Oh, sorry, it’s not. Not at all. It’s nowhere to be found. Well, at least you found us.”

Doris Wise “The good ones, the ones ahead of the curve, are hardly noticed. The copycats who attach themselves to a sugar daddy or mommy, err…donor, get the attention and coverage. Then act like they invented the wheel.”

Ilana Mercer: “Doris Wise, mediocrity threatens nobody. sad for society, but preference for mediocrity and cloying clones is everywhere, among all factions and ideological stripes. few are intellectually honest. myself, I like talent. maybe b/c I’m not threatened by it.”

Ross A Mahan: The FBI is either incompetent or complicit. Both are frightening

Ilana Mercer: And both are likely true, Ross A Mahan

Why Likely More Muslims Than Reported Favor Sharia

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“51% of U.S. Muslims want Sharia; 60% of young Muslims are more loyal to Islam than to U.S.,” reports Robert Spencer. I have a hunch the numbers or percentages of sharia sympathizers could be higher. You’ll get my drift if I phrase the findings differently:

Fifty to 60 percent of the Muslims in America are not sophisticated enough to know how to lie in a survey. Survey methodology is open to biases that can distort the results. The more intelligent or cunning of the individuals sampled would be capable of anticipating the “right” answer in this survey and giving it. The right answer is “No, I don’t want Sharia; I love American democracy.” The least intelligent of the population sampled would confess to the truth.

On the other hand, other variables may factor in to mitigate against my assumption. These are feeling of impunity and shamelessness in the West that you can say anything you like.

“Top officials representing the Muslim establishment” who still answer in the affirmative are smart and experienced enough in the ways of the West to know they can be as brazen as they like. They didn’t get to being “top officials” without Muslim moxie; without knowing they can say anything and still maintain the strategic upper hand.

Tell me where I’m wrong.

Why Are CAIR & Comey So Contrite & Forthcoming? Answer: Donald TRUMP

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Why do you suppose the always arrogant CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) is suddenly so contrite about Islamic terrorism on American soil, issuing a coruscating attack on ISIS and expressing sympathy and solidarity with its victims, down to offers of assistance, following the Orlando shooting this Sunday?

Why do you imagine FBI Director James Comey CAME OUT so publicly, and with such detail and respect for YOUR right to know nothing much at all (“outlining the agency’s previous interactions with the shooter”), only to repeat President Obama’s talking points and the Federal government’s subliminal message of dhimmitude?

My working hypothesis: Donald Trump. The pro-Islam American government (begun by Bush II) and their Muslim supporters are terrified of the Trump holy terror who stands against them with sanity and the force of ordinary sane America behind him.

SAID “Dawud Walid, the executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, on Sunday, following the shootings at Orlando’s Pulse Nightclub”:

“How would you stand before God and answer to your God?” Walid said, pointing out that ISIS attacks “thousands of innocent people: Muslims, Christians and other minorities.” Further, said Walid, “you do not speak for us, you do not represent us. You are an aberration, an outlaw of outlaws. They do not speak for our faith; they never belong to this beautiful faith they claim to.” Also, he continued, “1.7 billion people are united in rejecting their extremism, and their interpretation and their acts of violence. ….

SAID FBI Director Comey on Monday:

“So far, we see no indication that this was a plot directed from outside the United States and we see no indication that he was part of any kind of network,” Comey told reporters.

The intelligence community, Comey said, is “highly confident that this killer was radicalized at least in part through the Internet.”

The FBI first became aware of the shooter, Omar Mateen, in May 2013 when he was working as a contract security guard and he made statements that were “inflammatory and contradictory,” Comey said. Mateen told his co-workers at the time that he had family connections to al Qaeda and that he was a member of Hezbollah. Comey pointed out that Hezbollah, based in Lebanon, is a “bitter enemy” of the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) to which he pledged loyalty in 911 calls as the attack unfolded early Sunday morning.

During the 2013 investigation, the FBI followed Mateen, introduced confidential sources to him and he was interviewed twice, Comey said. Mateen admitted that he made those statements to his co-workers, but he explained that he said them in anger because his co-workers were teasing him. After a 10-month preliminary investigation, the agency closed its probe.

During an off-camera briefing with reporters, Comey said Mateen was on a watch list when he was investigated, but he was removed “quickly” when the investigation was closed.

Two months later, in July 2014, Mateen’s name surfaced again in an indirect way, Comey said, because he knew a Florida man casually who blew himself up in Syria. Comey said they both attended the same mosque in the same area of Florida. Comey said the inquiry eventually continued, focusing on the suicide bomber with no further focus on Mateen.

In the middle of the attack at the Pulse nightclub in Orlando early Sunday, there were three calls between Mateen and 911 dispatchers, Comey said. First, Mateen called and hung up, then he called again and briefly spoke to a dispatcher and then the dispatcher called again.

“During the calls, he said he was doing this for the leader of [ISIS], who he named and pledged loyalty to,” Comey said.

“We will leave no stone unturned and we will look all day and all night to understand the path to that terrible night,” said Comey, who is refusing to name the shooter because he said he doesn’t want to be part of his “twisted notion of fame and glory.”

Comey said the FBI will review its practices, but said, “I don’t see anything in reviewing our work that our agents should have done differently.”

“We are looking for needles in a nationwide haystack,” Comey added.

Asked if the FBI is looking at the shooter’s father, Comey said, “No comment” and he also wouldn’t comment when asked if Mateen’s family is cooperating.

The attack is being treated as a domestic terror incident and it is the worst mass shooting in U.S. history. Forty-nine people have died and 53 people were injured.