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UPDATE IV: Continuum Of Propaganda: Yale, Mizzou & Your Child’s School

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“Continuum Of Propaganda: Yale, Mizzou & Your Child’s School” is the current, weekly column, now on WND. An excerpt:

… On the University of Missouri campus, atavistic youth have joined against hurtful words, symbols and unsettling, unorthodox ideas, and for “safe spaces,” where these brave hearts can hideout from “racial microaggression.” Examples of “microaggression” are asking a black student for lessons in twerking, complimenting her weave, or simply being white.

But mostly, these minorities and their propagandized white patsies are campaigning for the unanimous acceptance of the following destructive, dangerous, often deadly, dictum:

“White racism is everywhere. White racism is permanent. White racism explains everything.”

The “systemic racism” meme you hear repeated by media, across the American campus, and preached from the White House is a function of “Critical Race Theory,” the sub-intelligent, purely theoretical, and logically fallacious construct, now creeping into American schools at every level.

As detailed in WND colleague Colin Flaherty’s “Don’t Make the Black Kids Angry,” America’s children, black, white and brown, are being taught, starting at a tender age, about “racial hostility and resentment.”

This racial hostility is said to be endemic and always and everywhere a white on black affair.

Ask your state representative and your school board about Glenn Singleton and his Pacific Educational Group’s curriculum, deceptively titled “Courageous Conversations.” The PEG poisonous program has been adopted by “hundreds of school districts across the US,” and foisted on millions of pupils, very possibly your child.

Beware; propaganda is process oriented, and an insidious one at that.

ITEM: Your cherub’s project receives an A. His work the teacher praises before the classroom. Yet, oddly, the child’s identity she will studiously conceal. This is in furtherance of the egalitarian idea, implemented, whereby no individual student is to be identified as having produced superior work to that of the collective.

“[U]nder the Singleton influence,” explains Flaherty, “the Seattle schools [have] defined individualism as a form of cultural racism and said that only whites can be racist.” Moreover, “emphasizing individualism as opposed to a more collective ideology is a form of racism,” too.

The progressive educational project carries its anti-white bias into teaching about the Orient (East) versus the Occident (West).

ITEM: A Christian boy, placed in an academically advanced study program, is tasked with submitting a project about one of three ancient civilizations: Egypt, India and Rome.

Ancient Egypt, a big hit apparently, is spoken for. The teacher, generally “white, female, liberal,” advises the boy: “Choose India. Rome is … BORING.”

What is it that this colossal ignoramus has conveyed to her student with the words “Rome is boring”? Let us unpack the meta-message (with reference to …

… Read the rest. “Continuum Of Propaganda: Yale, Mizzou & Your Child’s School” is the current column, now on WND.

UPDATE I: “Campuses across country updating ‘insensitive’ mascots, mottos…”

UPDATE II (11/20): At The Unz Review David says:

November 20, 2015 at 12:14 pm GMT

Did anyone beside the author say, “Choose India. Rome is … BORING?” It appears she made it up so she could get really worked up about it, like the Ask-a-Mexican guy.

ilana mercer says:

Both ITEMS in the essay are true. “Kid” in question is like family to this writer. Enough said. The article was prompted, in part, by this “close encounter.” Saying Rome is boring is so weird; too peculiar to make up. Even more peculiar is suggesting someone unknown to you is a liar. Nice.

UPDATE III (11/21): The manner of subversion is so subtle, a busy parent can’t hope to stay on top the propaganda underway in schools. If you are able to detect the programming, deprogram daily using Socratic questioning. So talk to the brats (unpleasant notion, I know). When my daughter used to return from school, and declare something preposterous, I would begin the deprogramming through questioning. Having a child in the public school system comes with the added responsibility to know your child is being programmed—not to doubt it or defend against it—and to be prepared to deprogram or access resources to so do. (Examples of resources are the Homeschool Courses of historian Tom Woods and Ron Paul, or this writer’s columns on economics and the Constitution (and all others focusing on proper reasoning), to be found in the Articles Archive ( A list of books is a good idea (a short one is here: Literature is here: Send your suggestions. Kids can begin with Ayn Rand. We all do. Please post resources parents can access, under this thread.

UPDATE IV (11/22): In reply to David Davis’ heroic efforts (thread at the Libertarian Alliance):

Inculcating proper reasoning in a child is vital in the deprogramming effort. My columns are anchored in argument and reason (as best I can). For example, and in context of David’s comment, my “Reincarnation of the Reds” brings up the concept of “the theory that can’t be falsified.” (This is not to say one can’t be, as I am, a private property conservationist.)

David Gordon, Ph.D, is magnificent on the reasoning front; he has written a kid compatible “Introduction to Economic Reasoning.”

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Operation Parrot Bone Grab

Environmentalism & Animal Rights, Family, Ilana Mercer, Parrots

Missing from the picture of Oscar-Wood in chicken-bone heaven is operation bone grab. Oscar-Wood Mercer swooped down onto the counter, grabbed the chicken bone and flew up to the top of the cabinet to savor. (It’s hard to believe, but unlike the kitchen, which Oscar-Wood has modified, the rest of the home is tastefully appointed and quite lovely).

2015, bone grab

2015, bone grab II

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Reclaiming Childhood: They Don’t Make Kids Like They Use To

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My all-time favorite fictional kid has to be the kid in O. Henry’s (1862-1910) classic short story, “The Ransom of Red Chief.” Make your kid read the story. Read it yourself.

Not only is “The Ransom of Red Chief” an American classic (written by a southerner, of course)—it hearkens back to a time when kids had character; kid characters. Whatever happened to child mischief, to child character, to the Authentic Child?

Children today are miserable, sniveling clones, molded in the image of the adults around them, always noodling on about the “issues” their soft parents propagandize them to care about. Kids are shadows of their former selves.

Kids, reclaim your childhood.

Read “The Ransom of Red Chief.”

Parents, tell your kids to stop sniveling about raising money for breast cancer and return to being mischievous and naughty; real kids.

While you’re at it, buy your little guy “The Dangerous Book For Boys.” Oh boy!

The post is one in our pro-civilization, Adult Lives Matter, reclaim your childhood series-cum-crusade.

“Cold Turkey For Creepy Kids And Their Even Creepier Parents.”

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Adult Lives Matter: On Kids And Communism

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Of the 224 people on board, 17 were children: Each time TV anchors report on the tragic crash of the Russian metro jet airbus, in the Sinai desert near El Arish (once in Israel’s control), they detail the number of kids dead, as they cluck and shake their noggins.

Why? Is the death of a kid more of a loss than the death of an adult? No.

The hallmark of an infantile and, I’d argue, immoral society is the deification of The Child. Not for nothing did the communist slave societies place kids in control of their parents. This is how you invert the moral order, also the aim of Communism’s leaders.

The feral kids took to killing their elders like the proverbial ducks to water. Read the Black Book of Communism: CRIMES, TERROR, REPRESSION.

There was no angst involved where kids killed their Confucian-minded, strict elders. For kids are naturally liberal. They want nothing more than more privileges, more license and lenience; fewer chores, work and demands for obedience. Every parent knows and has experienced this first hand.

This is why a moral society is a hierarchical, ordered society in which adults guide children until they are able to govern themselves.

By the way, have you noticed the rise in the phenomenon of kids killing their parents (the ultimate sin, so specified in the Ten Commandments)? The trend coincides with parental permissiveness and the trend to prostrate one’s adult self before the kids.

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The Best Family Is The One You Get To Choose

America, Family, Judaism & Jews

The best evening ever was had, last night, with The Vietnamese Family (we’re fortunate to have a Lebanese one, too). Thrown into a marvelous mix of individuals was a new black sister (who happens to be Jewish, too). First up is the exotically beautiful BFF—I don’t know if generous and kind, funny and animated come through in the pic, but she made the best lobster ever. There was good cheer, good humor and good spirits, double entendre intended. Yes, water is a superb drink when taken with the right spirits.




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25 Fun Facts About The Donald

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Naturally, there are not many things mere mortals share with The Donald. I share numbers 8, 9, 10, 17, 18, 22 and part of 11. What about you?

“25 Things You Don’t Know About Donald Trump,” Via US Magazine:

8. I like See’s Candies. [See’s is way too sweet, but being a hopeless candy person myself, I get the weakness.]

9. Citizen Kane is my favorite movie. [Not my favorite, but a very respectable choice.]

10. I turn off the lights when I leave a room. [Me too. It was drummed into us as kids.]

11. I like to read history, biographies …

17. I ask a lot of questions. [Doctors, dentists and the like get impatient and are often flummoxed.]

18. I’m very approachable. [So long as you don’t assail me with your politics. That’s the rule. If you read my stuff, however, you can ask and challenge galore.]

22. I eat lunch at my desk. [With a dishcloth over the PC keyboard.]

The rest is pure Donald:

1. I ride an elevator to work. It’s my greatest luxury.

2. I do my own hair (but my wife cuts it).

3. I like cherry-vanilla ice cream.

4. I don’t use an intercom in the office.

5. I’m 6-foot-3.

6. I often have mirrors, chairs, and sinks in my front office in order to decide what’s best for my buildings.

7. I have one of Shaq’s shoes in my office.

11. I like to read history, biographies, and the New York Post’s Page Six.

12. I don’t drink coffee, tea, or alcohol.

13. I love spending time with my family.

14. I like to drive myself when I’m out of the city.

15. I scrape the toppings off my pizza — I never eat the dough.

16. I love Scotland, where my mother was born, and where I’m developing a golf course.

19. I like hamburgers.

20. I like having dinner at home with my family.

21. My sister Maryanne makes meatloaf for me on my birthday.

23. I have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

24. “You’re fired!” is the No. 3 greatest TV catchphrase of all time.

25. I’m actually very modest. [Correction: Trump is realistic about himself, not modest.]

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